Do It For Diana 2015




It was another great daddy/ daughter date at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines!

We kicked it off by Dad having his first ever Starbucks……


… and with gifting an unsuspecting mom (out with her little one) a gift card to enjoy the same!10475970_10153086851001660_411515732180378549_o

Next stop was a movie….. The Wedding Ringer
We were getting nervous as we were the ONLY people in the theater up until a few minutes before showtime.
Good movie though…… This helped us with the “laugh” portion of our day 🙂



Next stop was our annual pilgrimage to The Cheesecake Factory…
This is the last place mom and I ate together on our last “girls day out” and holds such a special place in my heart.
Within minutes of being seated, a familiar face came to our table…..
Waiter Garrett, who served us exactly one year ago on our Daddy/ Daughter Date for Do It For Diana 2014.
HOW CRAZY IS THAT?????!?!?!?
Even better is the fact that he remembered us AND still has his “Do It For Diana” card that he was given last year.


With Garrett’s help, we were able to buy a meal for a
mother/ daughter duo who were out enjoying their day together.
It brought so much joy to my heart as he told us who he had found and described them to us!  

Later that evening, I found this on my Facebook newsfeed and am so humbled and excited to share it with you:

Had the most wonderful experience today and hoping my daughter learned something.After eating lunch, the waitress came back with our check and said it was taken care of.  A lady noticed Emma and I were having a mother daughter day and wanted it to be special.  She lost her mom in 2011 and missed having lunch and mother daughter day, she wanted us to be aware of how special our time is together.
People are really amazing and I am truly blessed. ‪#‎doitfordiana‬‪#‎payitforward

Unfortunately, the snow storm in Iowa cut our day short.  Dad and I went our different directions and he was able to make it back to Southeastern Iowa without any problems, and we made it back to Minnesota with minimal snow along our route.  Here, Eric had one last surprise for me……


The hotel clerk looked at me a little weird when I checked into the Eden Prairie hotel… With my drivers license stating that I lived in EDEN PRAIRIE 🙂  After we got passed the weirdness from that, I settled in with wine, chocolate and my “mom journal,” and had a relaxing night reminiscing and remembering.

One last gift… In the form of 12″ of hair.


As you go about your day tomorrow, remember to spread smiles along the way…. And Do It For Diana 🙂


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