Do It For Diana 2014

Welcome to “Do It For Diana Day 2014”


I kicked off the weekend by updating my Mojitos & Munchkins blog with a few posts about Mom.
There is, of course, no better place to reflect than a coffee ship, sipping on my favorite vanilla latte!


Dad and I had another great day together…..
We laughed, we cried, we remembered.
We met at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, the spot where Mom & I had our last “girls day” together.


Dad chose a family (young parents with two small children) to buy lunch for…..
No meltdowns from their cute kids AND a free lunch!
What a great day for them…. And us!


This was my absolute FAVORITE part of my day…. After watching a movie with Dad, I bought a gift card to the theater and chose a family (mom/ dad/ college-aged daughter) to give it to. In our conversation, I discovered the mom I handed the card to had just lost her mother a month ago, she is also an elementary school teacher, and was herself from a small town in Iowa just like me. CRAZY!! It was all meant to be….. Right up until the moment she told me they were Cyclone fans and I jokingly grabbed the card back out of her hands! HA! Mom definitely had her hand in helping me pick someone. Very cool experience!


One last “Do It For Diana” gift to share….. Scratch Cupcakery!


My super special hubby surprised me with a hotel room for the night.
What working Mom EVER gets time to herself??
He told me to think about it as one of my many “girl’s weekend get aways” with my Mom.
I may not have her, but the memories are strong and it’s a great night to REMEMBER….

… to JOURNAL, enjoy cupcakes & wine….


… and soak in a bath with chocolate, Starbucks & a good book!


Love you, Mom!!


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