The Last Grandchild She Would Meet

Dear Mom,

We found this photo as we were planning your funeral. We wondered if you had ever looked at it yourself. You were visiting your newest grandbaby in the hospital, and would soon be heading back home to Iowa. From the picture, we can tell you were content to hold another squishy baby, happy with a week filled with new memories of your granddaughters, and no doubt excited to share this photo with everyone back home.

You never got the chance to post it to your newsfeed or email out the great news about your newest pride and joy. But we did. We took your photo and shared it a hundred times over. Everyone knows how happy you were to help out that week. Everyone knows how thrilled you were to meet Grady. Everyone knows how proud you were of your family.

You should also know that we are so proud of you.


Your Fan Club Family

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