2017 Light the Night Walk

This year was certainly one for the books! It proved that despite the planning and upfront efforts, there is no guarantee that Mother Nature will allow your plans to take action. Our family gathered in Iowa, proudly excited to sport our new team Do It For Diana shirts. Then, there were horrible storms that cancelled our planned Light the Night walk. In the end, we decided that we didn’t need an organized walk. We settled on making our own.

As a family, we went to Torino’s to eat. This place holds such a special place in our heart, knowing it was a date night spot for our parents as they were high school sweethearts, knowing that we grew up there with family gatherings, and knowing that it is a place we can pass on to our own kids. Then, we headed out into the night and made our mighty walk around the town square. It was little. It was unannounced. It was underwhelming. It was perfect.

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